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We carry stock in:

Also known as: 220M07—230M07—BS 970

We carry large blocks of EN1A predominantly for the hydraulic manifold industry which we cut to meet our customers requirements. EN1A is widely used across all aspects of engineering due to its ease of machinability. EN1A gives maximum production with long tool life and excellent surface finish of machined components. It has poor weld ability due its higher levels of sulphur.


We carry stock in:

Also known as: 080M40
EN8 is very popular medium tensile steel which can be trough-hardened, that is suitable for axles, spindles, studs and many automotive and general engineering components.


We carry stock in:

Also known as: 070M55
EN9 is a medium carbon steel which possesses good wear resistance making it suitable for gears, cylinders, cams, sprockets and surface hardened machine parts where toughness is not of primary importance.


We carry stock in:

Also known as: 605M36
EN16T is a high tensile steel which has good mechanical properties, excellent ductility and good machinability making it suitable for bolts, nuts, shafts, axels, etc.


We carry stock in:

Also known as: 708M40
EN19T is a high tensile steel that possesses good tensile strength, ductility and shock resistance. EN19T can be hardened to give it a greater resistance to wear. Suitable for shafts, gears, high tensile studs and spindles.


We carry stock in:

Also known as: 817M40
EN24T is a very popular high tensile steel its attributes being high resistance to wear with good ductility and shock resistance making it suitable for gears, shafts, axles and a wide range of machine parts.


We carry stock in:

Also known as: 070M20 – 080M15 – EN3B
EN32B is a highly popular mild steel that is used for general engineering purposes. Suitable for lightly stressed components. Attributes are good machining properties and suitable for welding.


We carry stock in:

Also known as: 665M17
EN34 is a medium alloy case-hardening steel. It has good resistance to shock and hardens with minimum distortion. Suitable for gears, cams and camshafts, transmission parts, spindles, etc.


We carry stock in:

Also known as: 635M15
EN351 is a low alloy case-hardening steel which when hardened produces a hard wear resistant case. Suitable for pins, tool holders, gears, machine parts, etc.


We carry stock in:

Also now as: 655M13
EN36B is a very popular high quality Nickel Chromium case-hardening steel. The Nickel and Chromium in the metal allows deep hardening. Suitable for heavy duty gears, rollers, camshafts, etc.


We carry stock in:

Also known as: 722M24
EN40B is a nitriding steel which after hardening produces an extremely hard wear resistant case and good resistance to shock. The nitriding process produces components with a hard clean surface with minimum distortion.

We carry a wide range of engineering steels in stock, if you have any questions about the above specifications please call your local branch today.

Our delivery services cover most of the West Midlands, including Evesham, Stratford Upon Avon, Redditch, Worcester, Bromsgrove, Solihull, Birminhgam, Moseley, Kidderminster, Litchfield, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Nuneaton, Bedworth, Kenilworth, Leicester, Rugby, Tamworth, Hinckley and Coventry, to name but a few.