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Phos. Bronze

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Phosphor Bronze

Phosphor bronze is an alloy of Copper, Tin and Phosphorus.

Rapid Metals carry a selection of different grades of Phosphor Bronze they are as follows:


We carry stock in:

PB102 is a general purpose phosphor bronze for engineering components and has the following key features, good mechanical properties, excellent cold forming properties, high wear resistance, very good corrosion resistance, easily joined by brazing and welding, low coefficient of friction and good spring properties.


We carry stock in:

PB1 is a leaded bronze for medium/heavy load bearings it key features being, very good marine corrosion resistance, good strength, high wear resistance, good machinability and high resistance to shock loading.

 SAE 660

We carry stock in:

SAE 660 is a leaded bronze used in bearings, medium speeds and pressure, its key features are as follows. High wear resistance, excellent machinability and good pressure tightness.



We carry stock in:


LG2 is most widely used in the Leaded Gun Metal range. Its key features are as follows, high wear resistance, excellent machinability and good pressure tightness.



We carry stock in:


CA104 is a Nickel Aluminium bronze. Its key features are as follows, excellent resistance to erosion & corrosion, high strength & toughness, very good galling resistance, non-sparking, retention of mechanical properties at sub-zero temperatures and high wear resistance.


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