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Albee registered stockists

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Albee Professional

Rapid metals has just become a registered stockists of Albee gas cylinders. As a registered stockists of Albee gas cylinders it couldn’t be easier to fulfil your welding needs. Simply purchase a cylinder from Rapid Metals. Then when it needs replacing just return your empty cylinder to Rapid Metals and exchange it by purchasing a refill cylinder. No more costly rental charges and no more transaction charges.

Never Purchase a Regulator Again

Every Albee weld cylinder is fitted with a fully integrated MiniTOP which is fully maintained on a fair wear and tear basis by Air Liquide. When an empty bottle is cylinder is returned the MiniTOP is thoroughly checked, serviced and any worn parts replaced so you know that your Albee cylinder is ready for use every time.

For further information call into your local Rapid Metals who will be happy to assist you.

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Albee registered stockists

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