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How Do You Cut Galvanised Steel?

Published by Lucy Thurston on

how to you cut galvanized steel

What’s Galvanised Steel?

Galvanised steel is simply steel that is coated in molten zinc. This protects the steel from rusting as it reduces its contact with oxygen, which gives it a longer life of usage. While the zinc coating does mostly prevent the steel from rusting, it is only about a millimetre thick, meaning if it is scratched or cut too deep, it will rust due to exposure to oxygen.

Due to its easy process to make, low cost and durability, galvanised steel is a popular choice of metal.

How Long Does Galvanised Steel Last For?

It can last for 20 years, or more, with the right care and maintenance. It also depends on the environment that the metal sheets are in that dictate its lifespan.

What Can Galvanised Steel Be Used For?

Galvanised steel sheets can be used in construction for fences and walkways as well as other things. It can be used in kitchen appliances like microwaves, toasters and oven trays, as well as for car parts like doors. This makes galvanised steel very versatile and adaptable to different needs and uses.

How To Cut a Galvanised Steel Sheet

Cutting galvanised steel is a fairly straightforward process. To ensure it is done safely, it must be clamped securely and facing upwards. Then, it can be cut in the way you want with the use of a circular saw. Finish by sanding down the edges to make them smooth and snag free.

Wearing thick gloves and safety glasses will ensure you do not get cut by the metal, nor will it fly and injure you when you are cutting it. These safety precautions are recommended when cutting galvanised steel, just like when cutting any type of metal.

How To Cut a Galvanised Steel Pipe

To cut a galvanised steel pipe, secure and clamp the pipe to prevent it from moving, and then use a rotary pipe cutter, which will allow you to make a clean cut on your marked area. To ensure safety, protective gear like thick gloves, long sleeves, face masks and safety glasses should be worn.

How Much Do Galvanised Steel Sheets Cost?

The prices vary in terms of the steel sheet thickness you want. A 1mm sheet of galvanised steel costs £46.60 per square metre, and this includes VAT, while a 3mm sheet costs £124.80 per square metre, including VAT.

Although the thicker sheets are more expensive, they will require less maintenance throughout its lifespan, as opposed to the thinner sheets, which, if scratched too deep, will rust, and may need to be replaced. Of course, it depends on what the use of the sheets are that will dictate the thickness you should need.

How To Clean Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel must not be cleaned with harsh chemicals that may risk the zinc layer from breaking down. This will lead to the metal rusting. Instead, soap and water can be effectively used to clean the metal, while ensuring the zinc layer is not affected. A cloth can be used to polish it, and metal polish can be applied gently to enhance the appearance of the galvanised steel.

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How Do You Cut Galvanised Steel?

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